10 Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

make money as a student

One of the worst nightmare as a student is being broke, I have been down the road and I know how it feels. With loads of expenses and little coming from home, you start to think of how to make to make passive income on your end to offset your expenses in school.       

    Many have wondered, are there really sure ways to legitimately make money as a student without affecting your studies,  well, the good news is yes, as a matter of fact, there are a thousand and one ways to go about that, but in this post we’ll only be reviewing 10 mosts viable ventures  you can run as student.

     Note though that these ventures are not get rich quick kinda scheme, it requires effort just like anything worthwhile, and also try to resist the urge to write this off as not viable without trying it out with the grace of a little patience.

 NOTE: This list is in no particular order since circumstance differs for everyone, it’s up to you to decide which you think is going to work best for you.

10 ways to make money as a student


This is perhaps the most thriving business in campuses, with printing, photocopying, and all other paperwork usually sidelined with it. If you have a laptop with internet access and a printer, you can start the venture, doing online registration for your fellow students. One beauty of this business is that there is an already made market which is so conducive to your business to thrive.

To make money as a student on campus with registration, all you need do, is get a space on campus and put word out among your friends to create an awareness that you now offer that service.


This business has enjoyed the love and attention of fashion lovers lately and the love is on the rise so to speak. As a student you can take advantage of this situation to rake in some cash, You can design Customized T-shirts, wristbands, mufflers and other trendy fashionable wears for Classes, Departments, Faculties, Associations, group of friends etc.

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But I don’t know how to customize shirts you may ask, well, as it were, branding is a trade which require mastery to practice, but the good news is, its a trade which is relatively fast to learn, am I speaking of years? No, am speaking of months, knew someone that trains people on this in just three months, you can enroll at a local customizing shop around you.

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 You can hold private classes for secondary school students/staff kids. Parents in the university community and its environs value education a lot and are always willing to pay a good teacher who could properly coach their kids and wards on subjects of interest at home.

Private classes are usually billed on hourly basis. You just have to workout a timetable that will be suitable for you and your client. You can also record video of you teaching various topics and sell to the students. If done rightly, this is such a beautiful way to make money as a student


Do you know how to repair phone or computer? Then I need not school you on how much money can make with your skill, all you need do is put yourself out there on campus, spread the word about what you do and also you can do what has helped for many, get an A4 paper detailing what you offer with your contact and place them at strategic locations on campus.

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If you are very good with Corel-draw, Photoshop or other graphic design software, this is a big business opportunity for you as there are always activities/events on campuses which require posters and fliers for promotion.

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Your work will speak for you and you will continue to get clients from far and near. You can also be contracted to design yearbooks and basically anything that require great designs.


 Yet another way to make money as a student, is by doing on-campus jobs. Periodically, there are part time job openings for students on campus. For instance, some school libraries offer and opportunities for “shelve keepers” – their job is to go to the library every evening and re-arrange accordingly the books used earlier in the day by students in the library.

There are also opportunities for Students Journalists. In the Records departments, students are periodically employed to help sort old students records. Even the security department can have jobs for Student Informants.
You just need to have few staff friends to inform you whenever such opportunities come up


I consider It an understatement to say student love wears, indeed, they’ll stop at nothing to get latest footwear or snickers in town, they sure love looking good.

    That’s all you need to know, you can definitely make money as student If you can save enough to buy wears, foot-wears, hoodies or any fashion accessory at retail price them market them on campus,  or it might even be the well renowned used clothes(Akube), you’ll be very surprised at how well your ministry will grow.


  What do you have a knack for? Do you find it easy using musical instrument? Or are you a badass DJ? Whatever skill you have can turn out to be a gold mine for you, if You put it to commercial use on campus, by creating proper awareness about yourself and your skill.

A simple notice printed on an A4 paper with details of the services you offer and how you could be contacted is enough to get you, clients when pasted in strategic positions around campus.

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You can as well sell your services online on sites like Fiverr, Olx etc.

9.     BLOGGING:

You have probably heard enchanted stories about blogging, well, most of the stories might be true(if not all) and the beautiful truth is, the business is open all, as a student you can start a blog and make money off it.

Although there is more to blogging than am gonna divulge into now, in our subsequent posts am gonna write a full guide to a successful blog as a student, make sure to check back in. For certain you can surely make money as a student through blogging.


over the years many organizations and bodies have risen to the aid of students by offering to pay academically sound students, for their tuition and welfare. Some of this bodies are;

·        Mtn

·        Agbami

·        Federal Government

Just to mention a few, be informed that word will always out this blog when any scholarship is out, just make sure to always check back in to be notified.

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Like I said on the outset, there are a thousand and one ways to make money as a student, this is just 10 of em, all you need do is brainstorm, study your environment, and the rest will become apparent. We wish you more than success working out this tips.

Finally, Is there anything that has worked for you in making money as a student and doesn’t make this list, we’ll be pleased if you share it, lastly do you know someone who this information might help? Do share this with your friends

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