Jamb Change of Course and Institution Form 2020

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I have writing a lot in the past about Jamb Change of Course and institution and I have helped a lot of people in making changes to their new preferred courses or institutions.

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Are you wondering why I’m still writing about this same Jamb change of course and institution again? Let me feed your curiosity, they have been a change in the process of changing a course or institution, though this changes started last year, it was halted for an unknown reason and it has been brought back again this year (2020).

Few but significant changes were made to this year’s process of changing course or institution, if you have tried making changes recently you will agree with me that the changes is not favorable as it puts the aspirants under another unwarranted stress of visiting a CBT center (which might be far from their location) unlike before where you can seat at home and make your changes after making payment for it.

Jamb Change of Course and institution

Main while if you’re just coming across the sentence Jamb change of course and institution, it’s simply the process of changing your preferred course or institution to an alternate one for any reason on the Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) after registration.

This exercise is usually open to aspirants who took part in JAMB. they are many reasons an aspirant might want to change his or her course/institution; like, not reaching his or her first preferred course/institution cutoff mark and many other personal reason that might arise.

All aspirant intending to change their course or institution must note that this opportunity is not always open, as time goes on the portal for changes will be close.

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How to do Jamb Change of course and Institution 2020

I have gotten lots of complains recently from aspirants how they couldn’t make their desire changes even after making payment, just like the other of my tutorial on Change of course and institution stated, I’m force to write this on the new procedures.

Login to your Jamb portal a wide interface (page) will open, it’s a new Jamb interface and URL.

Click on the menu [E-facility] link above (for desktop users) while for mobile user, click on the three horizontal line almost at the top of your browser to drop down menus.

It will display like the image below.

jamb website, Jamb.gov.ng

After clicking on the [E-facility] link,it will take to to the official Jamb portal login page (just like the image below), You can ease yourself the stress and click here to take you to the login page directly. Why i decided to take the long process is so that you see the new interface and new URL (link).

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Jamb Offical Login page

Input your Jamb email and password, if you have forgotten your Jamb password or email you can follow this tutorial to recover it.

If login is successful, you”ll be redirected to a welcome portal page, now proceed to The Jamb year, I’m using 2020 for my example, click on registration (2020 Only) it’s normally at the left sidebar for both mobile and desktop user, a menu will drop down, click of 2020 UTME Data correction

Note: the color for mobile is usually not bright, you will have to strain your eyes.

Jamb Change of course and Institution

Then confirm you’re applying for change of course/institution and not correction of date of birth by ticking on the check box (check image below)

Jamb Change of Course and Institution Form 2020

Now is time to proceed to make payments, they are two payment option is either you pay online with your Verve, Master and Visa Card, or you printout an invoice and walk straight into any banking hall (registered) and make payment.

Like i said, they are two payment method which i have mentioned above and two payment gateway.

Remitta Gateway: Remita is the e-payments and e-collections platform developed by SystemSpecs Limited. they charge N176.00 in addition to the mandated fee of N2500 making it a total of N2676.00.

UNified Payment: UP® otherwise known as Unified Payment Services Limited is Nigeria’s premier Payments & Financial Technology company founded in 1997. They don’t charge any additional fee just N2500, I always prefer to use them. (who doesn’t like cheap good thing?). *winks*

Jamb Change of course and institution Payment Gateway

Now click on any of your choice it will take you to another page, like I said earlier, You can print an invoice to the bank, we’ve gotten to that part. click on continue and print only if you’re opting for the bank payment option, if not click on continue to payment.

Input your Credit card details and confirm payment.

Jamb Unified payment gateway

After payment, a One Time Password (OTP) will be send to the number you used in registering for jamb, This is where the change i was singing about started. you’ll have to copy the code and go to any CBT center, mind you not cyber Cafe and pay additional money (maybe N500) to get your changes affected.

Having any challenge? the contact form and comment box is always open, feel free to bomb on me.

Hi, Please help my work and share, thanks❤️❤️

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