Guide To Boost Your GPA Effortlessly.

Boost your gpa

Are you dissatisfied with your current GPA and want to boost it,

or you are finding it quite challenging to maintain your current GPA, you’ll no doubt want to continue this read, as am about to unlock for you, 10 proven ways to boost your GPA.

Why should you even listen to me?

On a first hand level, I have experience the trauma associated with having a low GPA and the rather helpless feeling along with the drive to do all you can to boost your GPA up some notches.

What helped me?

Take a ride with me, as I reveal these 10 secrets


The mind is one of the biggest weapon in our(human) arsenal, we tend to achieve whatever it is that we set our mind on. The first step you want to take is acknowledge that you are in dire straits and you need to do all you can to boost your GPA, get your mind to believe that.

All other steps is contingent on this, as it would determine your overall success in your quest to boost your GPA.

Configure your mind is my better way of saying be determined.

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The friends we keep do have a great deal of impact on us, the type of impact however largely depends on the type friends we keep.

Take a minute to ask yourself, who are my friends? Are they the poor students who even at that maintain a rather indifferent disposition.

The truth is, If you are surrounded by friends who doesn’t share your outlook on having a high GPA, chances are your GPA wouldn’t budge.

It’s therefore important that you watch your cirle of friends, and make changes if need be


What are your priorities?

The priorities you set for will determine what you create and spend time on.

Do you put your academics as your first priority in school?

That may be very easy to answer now. But really, your actions and activities in school would be the judge here.

Many students in higher institution in Nigeria are a victim of misplaced priorities.

They would rather spend the night clubbing, or doing some other unwholesome stuff than studying at night when need be.

Forgetting they are there in an academic capacity in the first place.

To boost your GPA, some activities in your current daily routine has to change.

If you haven’t been studying real hard enough, it’s time you step up your game and dedicate more time to studying or related activities


In Universities, Polytechnics and pretty much all tertiary institutions across the country, for Every course there is an associated material commonly called “hand outs” by some.

Most of these materials are prepared by the lecture in charge of the course, and can be a good study aid

Knowing the fact that most exam questions are prepared these materials would even make getting them more appealing.

Basically the idea is that you should get enough materials you can study from, and this sometimes may require that you outsource from outside publications


Test carries a small percentage in a course obtainable score. So it’s sometimes overlooked by students as compared exam.

Many Even write tests with little to no preparation.

To Boost Your GPA anyway, you have to consider test as equally important as exams.

A good test score coupled with a good score in exam would definitely result in an A .

Do you underestimate test?

I strongly advise you don’t

Have it at the back of your mind, that a good test score is Paramount to securing an A in course, and the more you have A’s the more your GPA would rise


Attendance in class is golden, and believe me when I say you should have as many as of em as you can.

It’s believed that there is a fine line between your class attendance and your level of seriousness or overall commitment towards your academics.

To boost your GPA, it’s imperative that you try to be in every lecture and ensure you understand the topics as they are being taught.

This will even help you to address topics you don’t understand before exam approaches.

You’ll also be able to do pretty fine In face of impromptu tests, and what’s more, some lectures award marks for every lecture you attend

So if you need an incentive for attending lectures, there you have it.

On this note, if you haven’t, you should make it your resolve to always be at every lecture.


This is a point I guess I don’t have to dwell much on,

Or do I?

Well, we all know how important exams can be and the impact they make on our courses( Forgive my assumption)

But I prepare for exams, I even read all night, I hear you say

Well okay Maybe you don’t prepare well enough, maybe you need to increase your preparation, spend more hours and be more mentally involved in the preparation.

Ensure you practice previous years past questions and your test questions.

Cram when need be, it’s never a crime.

Basically prepare in way that you’ll be able to answer all questions.

Assess yourself and see to it that you are ready.

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This is pretty much True in every schools, there are 1, 2, 3 to 6 unit(s) course.

Courses with higher units are potential GPA booster.

Every courses basically need sufficient preparation for, but some need rather special attention and those are courses with high units.

Having A in those courses will definitely have a profound effect on your GPA.

This shouldn’t go without saying though that as courses with high GPA are swimming in the pool of your attention, courses with lesser units should at least find their way to the the tub, so to speak.

You should not neglect those courses as well, they should have thier measure of attention too.


Not doing your assignment is not good for your GP.

So not doing them is not an healthy practice.

It amazing how most assignment have their way of making it to the exam question.

Hence doing assignment has immediate benefits as well as long term benefits.

Doing assignments however calls for discipline and hard work, of which when you do You’ll have a high GPA to show for it.


Now on a final note, just as this is true for everything else, putting God first in all we do is very important, don’t cut him out of this endeavor, have his support and guidance and he’ll surely help you pass Jamb 2019.

and there you have it

Was it helpful?

Or there is a point we left out?

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