Everything You Need To Know About Jamb 2020

Post utme in schools is ongoing and in no time admission list from different schools will follow, in view of this it’s safe to say jamb 2019 is wrapping up.

In a couple of months now, Registration for jamb 2020 will commence Nationwide.


In this Post We’ll be giving insight on Jamb 2020 exam date, accredited CBT centres, Jamb CAPS, how to use jamb CAPS jamb 2020 direct entry form how to correct common mistake candidates make during registration, change of course/institution and latest update on JAMB 2020.


Jamb 2020 registration date and duration is presently unknown at the time of writing this post.

However it would still be helpful to know that Jamb 2019 Registration started in January 2019 and was out till March 2019, while the jamb 2019 exam started April 16 2019

Jamb 2020 registration will likely begin around December 2020 with possiblity of the exam holding March or April same year.

I’ll advise you to bookmark this page as I’ll always keep it updated in light of any recent developments


This would be a rather simplified version of the registration process, because I have made a dedicated post to this effect, click on this link to see a complete guide to jamb 2020 Registration.

First of before we proceed, this is a list of all you’ll need to complete the registration

  • A valid email address
  • A mobile phone number
  • Cash for Registration fees


The first of many steps involved in the Registration is the creation of jamb profile. After jamb profile creation, the next step is procurement of jamb e-PIN at bank or any other approved payment outlet. Click here for a complete guide on how to create jamb profile 2020

After this you’ll take the e-PIN to an accredited CBT centres to complete the registration and get your slip(here is a list of all accredited Jamb CBT centres Nationwide)


In 2017 Joint admission matriculation board(jamb) made a change to how registration will be done.

Previously, all process of the Registration from payment of jamb form to printing of slip and registration can entirely be done at any Cyber-cafe.

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In light of the new regulation however, only approved accredited CBT centres Nationwide are vested with the power to register candidates.

This has helped to maintain a uniform registration fee across the nation and has given jamb more control over the whole admission process.

Candidates are to locate the nearest CBT centres closest to them to complete their registration, process change of institution, rectify registration anomalies and pretty much all other related activities.

Here is list of all approved CBT centres in the country, you can choose the one closest to you.


In 2019, jamb form was reduced by the FG to #3500 and there is high prospect that the price would remain the same for jamb 2020.

We implore you to do check back here as we would update this post when jamb 2020 form price is ascertain.

However, #3500 for the jamb form is not the only expenses that would be incurred. A fee of #700 will also be charged at the CBT center for the registration.


In most cases candidates do not need to do a thing to get their jamb result, as it would be sent as SMS to the mobile number associated with individual jamb profile

However in some cases some candidates may not see receive this message. In cases like this you can follow the steps outlined below to check their jamb result. click here for full guide on how to check your jamb result

  • Login to your profile on jamb portal using your login details
  • In the menu options, click “check result”
  • Select your exam year and input your jamb registration number and click “get result”

NOTE: This service is free.


Jamb allows for candidates to Change their institution and course after taking the exam, much to the benefit of candidates.

But how and when should a candidate consider change of course/institution?

WHEN. There are few reasons why a candidate should consider change of course or institution.

When a candidate losses interest in the course/institution he has previously chosen and want to pursue a new one

For some it might be because a new piece of information gotten about the course/institution, hence they saw it important to change their choice.

Granted we can’t really say for sure the reason behind every Change of course/institution, but we implore you to think about it very well. See reason here

How To Do Change Of Course/Institution

Below is the procedure to changing of course/institution.

  • Ensure you have an active browsing data
  • Open your preferring browser (I recommend using Google chrome)
  • Visit Jamb official website
  • Enter your login details and login to your profile
  • On your jamb profile, click on correction of data from the profile options
  • Click on course/Institution
  • Choose your examination year and and input your registration number
  • You’ll be take to payment page
  • Choose your payment option, either using REMITA or generating RRR and paying through bank. Ensure to follow the instructions carefully and ensure the network is good.
  • After successful payment, you’ll be returned to jamb portal to complete the change of course/institution.
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click here for full guide on how to change course/institution


Every year there is always always a chosen literature text for candidates, both UTME and Direct Entry candidates. This year for UTME the choosen text is “sweet sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi and “The last days at forcados high School” by A.H Mohammed for direct entry candidates.

#NOTE: The cost of this text is #500


Jamb has provided Syllabus for all subjects available in Jamb examination.

Candidates are advised to go through this syllabus this syllabus as it greatly help them to know what subjects to read, and this would greatly help their preparation for jamb 2020.

How to get jamb syllabus?

There are basically three ways candidates can get jamb syllabus.

  • First: Upon completion of jamb registration candidates will be given a CD containing jamb brochure and jamb syllabus.
  • Second: Candidates can download the PDF files of both the brochure and syllabus on jamb website.
  • For convenience here is a downloadable version of jamb brochure and jamb Syllabus in PDF format. Follow this link to download


The ultimate goal of every candidate is to get admitted into his/her institution of choice, and I wish you all do

After going through the hurdles of registration writing, writing jamb and post utme, how will a candidate know if he/she is finally admitted.

To this effect jamb introduced central admission processing System (CAPS) few years back to oversee admission processes.

Every Candidates can visit the JAMB CAPS site to check his/her admission status and as an alternative a quicklink is on each candidates profile to check admission status. Click here to see a detailed guide to check your admission status.


Direct Entry allows students from polytechnic NCE or A’level students to gain admission into the university to either 200 or 300 level

Formerly direct entry form is not always out until UTME registration closes until last year when jamb brought a change to this arrangement.

Now jamb direct entry form and registration will be out alongside jamb utme and the closing date is the same as well.

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When will Jamb direct entry form be out? How to register for jamb direct entry 2020? For this information and many more regarding jamb 2020 direct entry click here


It came as a surprise in 2019 when jamb announced it cut off mark to be

  • Universities- 160
  • Polytechnics-140
  • Colleges-100

While we wait for jamb to officially publish the cut off mark for jamb 2020, these figures from 2019 will help you color a mental picture of what to expect in 2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jamb in their word said each institution is at liberty to increase it the cut off mark to it standard. Therefore if an institution decides to increase it cut off mark a candidate that score 160 will not get admitted. This underscores the importance of sufficient preparation on the part of each candidate to score way above the cut-off mark. Another wise approach is to check the requirement of each institution. Here is list of each institution requirement.


I believe you’ll agree with me when I say preparation is a vital ingredient in success.

To pass jamb 2020 enough preparation is required. Preparation for jamb basically

I have made a guide to help aspirant pass jamb successfully. Preparation for jamb basically involve knowing when, how and what to do for the preparation.

To score 300+ in jamb 2020 follow the tips here and you’ll definitely pass jamb 2020


After completion of jamb registration Information such as exam centre and date will not be available on printed slip.

In few days to the start of the exam, jamb will announce when candidates can start reprinting their slip to reflect their exam date, venue and time. To know how to reprint jamb slip click here


All candidates of jamb 2020 seeking admission seeking admission into University, Polytechnic, and Colleges of Education would visit jamb caps online portal to check thier admission status and proceed to either accept or decline their admission offer, if they had been given admission.

What is JAMB CAPS? How do I accept admission on JAMB CAPS? For everything you need to know about JAMB CAPS click on this link

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