How To Accept Or Reject Admission Offer On JAMB CAPS, And Everything You Need To Know About Jamb CAPS 2020

What is JAMB CAPS? How do I accept admission on JAMB CAPS? These questions and other JAMB CAPS related questions will be answered in course of this post.

The joint admission matriculation(JAMB) in 2017 introduced the central admission processing System(JAMB CAPS).

This is an online portal where Candidates can accept and decline admission offer or check admission status.

Central admission processing System (CAPS) was designed to take over admission processes.

The board speaking on the new admission system said, its newly introduced Central Admissions Processing Systems CAPS, will restore the autonomy of institutions.

The CAPs, according to the board, will ensure that candidates are fairly treated and expand admission opportunities as well as protect academic calendar.

All candidates seeking admission seeking admission into University, Polytechnic, and Colleges of Education would visit the online portal to check thier admission status and proceed to either accept or decline their admission offer, if they had been given admission. click here for jamb 2020 registration procedure and everything you need to know

It should be noted that Central admission processing System (JAMB CAPS) is a replacement to the existing system where each institution has autonomous power on UTME/DE Admissions.

Institutions will publish a batched list of candidates that are given admission into their institution and will only need to check the school’s portal or other approved news outlets to check their admission status.

Under the introduced central admission processing System (JAMB CAPS) However, every candidate are required to also visit the JAMB CAPS online portal to check and accept their admission offer.

After Admission is given, candidates would either accept or reject the admission offer.

Here is a procedural steps for candidates to either accept or decline Admission offer on JAMB CAPS


To check and proceed to either accept or decline admission offer on JAMB CAPS, Follow the outlined procedures.

  1. Ensure you have an active data bundle.
  2. Open your favorite browser (Preferably, Google Chrome).
  3. Visit the jamb portal here: and click “check admission status “
  1. Login with the credentials (email and password) you created your jamb account with.
  1. After successfully login, you’ll see CAPS Login option in the Jamb menu. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the CAPS page.
  2. Better still, scroll to check DE/UTME admission status while you are logged in to your Jamb profile.
  3. If the page only shows ‘welcome’, do not be discouraged. Just click on options on your mobile’s browser and change the view of the page to ‘desktop view’. This is why it’s preferable to use a Computer.
  1. You’ll see some options listed at the left-hand side. Click on ‘Admission Status’.
  2. Your details including Jamb score, institution, date of birth, etc will appear when you have successfully logged in to Jamb caps portal.
  3. If you’ve been admitted, you can either ‘Accept admission’ or ‘Reject admission’. If the institution and course space are blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Just keep checking back.


Jamb CAPS marketplace was introduced alongside jamb caps few years back

What exactly is jamb caps marketplace? How should Candidates use this feature on caps portal? These questions will be answered in the next few paragraphs

Jamb caps marketplace is like the litral marketplace, in this marketplace however, different institutions seek to find Candidates who meet their admission requirements but did not choose them while registering for jamb, with the aim of considering them for admission.

This means candidate through jamb caps marketplace can gain admission into University, Polytechnic or college they never chose when registering for jamb.

Another beauty of this system is that Candidates that scores good marks in jamb now stands a better prospect of gaining admission.

Even if his Institution of choice did not admit him, other Institutions can.

How To Know If You Have Been Considered For Admission On Jamb Caps Marketplace

This message will be written on jamb caps marketplace if you are been considered for admission

The following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept / reject button, to either accept or reject the offer”.

Please don’t get it twisted, accepting consideration offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be be considered for admission by the institution

How To Accept/Reject Consideration Offer On Jamb CAPS Marketplace

  •  Login to your Jamb profile
  • After successfully logging in, click on the options button ( the button with 3 dash) at the top of the page. Then click CAPS under the admission TAB.
  • You’ll see some options listed at the left-hand side. Click on ‘MARKETPLACE’.
  • Here you can see which school has considered you for admission, and accept or reject consideration Offer.


  1. Always check back on jamb CAPS if you have not been given Admission
  2. Be careful not to accept admission in a haste, because once you accept admission, you literally put an end to your admission process that year.
  3. Candidates using awaiting result should endeavor to upload their O’level result at the nearest CBT Centre as soon as result is out.
  4. JAMB CAPS says admission in progress: There is nothing to worry about as this means the admission list of your school is currently under processing and would be out soon. Do ensure you check back on Jamb CAPS to see when it’s finally out.
  5. JAMB CAPS says sorry no admission given yet: This may mean you have not been offered admission by your institution but admission is ongoing or JAMB is yet to receive the names of those admitted by your institution so as to update it on their CAPS portal. You equally want to keep checking back on the CAPS Portal to see when it finally releases subsequent admission list.
  6. JAMB CAPS shows only welcome when I log in: If JAMB CAPS shows only welcome when you log in, this is so because you are checking the page on a mobile view. To correct this try checking the page on a desktop or PC. However you can still check it on mobile phone, simply follow the steps below
  1. Login to your JAMB CAPS homepage here using a mobile browser (I recommend Google chrome)
  2. You will be shown a white screen with only welcome on the upper left corner of your browser, click the three dotted line and tick desktop view.
  3. Select admission status
  4. Load your profile by clicking the search button in front of your JAMB registration number.


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